Octopus: 2019: Po upadku Nowego Jorku + spotkanie

Sale ended
Address ul. Wiosny Ludów 4, Gdańsk
Entry PLN 0–12
Venue's website www.wl4.pl
Takes place during Octopus Film Festival 2019

Projection of the movie „2019: After the fall of New York”, directed by Sergio Martin as part of the Postapokalipsa / Retrospective series of Sergio Martin at the Octopus Film Festival 2019.

It is 2019. Humanity has not invented a cancer drug. We do not have teleporting machines. Flying cars seem as distant as half a century ago. We have a network connecting all the inhabitants of the globe, but we mainly use it to view photos of cats. If someone moved to us in 1983, he would probably be disappointed. But it could have been worse. According to Sergio Martino’s vision of 2019: After the Fall of New York, 2019 was supposed to look different to him – a bit like a combination of post-nuclear destruction from Mad Max with post-nuclear destruction from Escape from New York. In this world, a mercenary named Persifal must infiltrate the Big Apple to save the last woman in the world capable of bearing children and to prove to the audience that he is more than an Italian cousin of Snake Plissken.



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