Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week 2018

Address Husova 20, Praha 1
Tags Fashion, Art and design
Entry CZK 4000–10000
  • Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week introduces contemporary fashion in a monumental Baroque palace. *

She will introduce her home designers: Monika Drápalová, Denisa Nova, Jakub Polanka and the author’s duo Chatty, as well as well known clothing brands Blazek and Nehera… A total of 16 Czech and Slovak authors and brands will be presented at the Clam-Gallas Palace, as well as the students of the Department of Fashion and Footwear Design of the Prague UMPRUM and the International Exchange Programme designer Boris Vozianov. The four finalists of the competition for novice designers Van Graaf Junior Talent 2018 will take part. For the third time in the biggest show of contemporary Czech and Slovak fashion Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, the Business Forward Forum conference will take place, focusing on fashion and textile trade.

  • You can find the detailed program “here.”: Http: //*

Past events

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The Room by Basmatee, Praha 1 17/3/2018 17:30 Adam Katz: This Is Not a Fucking Street Style Book
Clam–Gallas Palace, Praha 1 17/3/2018 18:00 Módní přehlídka Denisy Nové
Clam–Gallas Palace, Praha 1 17/3/2018 18:30 Marie Claire Cocktail
Clam–Gallas Palace, Praha 1 18/3/2018 15:00 B.Zero1 Labyrinth coctail
Clam–Gallas Palace, Praha 1 20/3/2018 10:00 Business Forward Forum
Clam–Gallas Palace, Praha 1 20/3/2018 15:00 Re-see showroom
Footshop, Praha 7 20/3/2018 18:30 Release Party Footshop + Laformela
Hauch Gallery, Praha 21/3/2018 17:00 Zuzana Kubíčková: Pop
Groove Bar, Praha 1 21/3/2018 22:00 Paper Disco: Lumiere
VaNa1, Praha 1 22/3/2018 20:00 Robert Kupisz a Kazar
Groove Bar, Praha 1 22/3/2018 22:00 Paper Disco: Fatty M
Cinema Lucerna, Praha 1 23/3/2018 18:30 House of Z
Groove Bar, Praha 1 23/3/2018 22:00 Paper Disco: Schwa
Luna Cinema, Ostrava 28/3/2018 17:45 Sweet Dreams



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