Filozofia: Mózg i umysł

Address ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20, Warszawa
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The meeting will concern what is subjectivity, and more precisely: what is our sense of identity, the sense of self. Where does it come from? Is there any place in the brain that produces it? Or, as Buddha Sakyamuni claimed 2500 years ago and as many philosophers and scientists in the field of neuroscience, including Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Bruce Hood claim today, is it a mere illusion, an illusion created by the interaction of many factors, but without any substance?

Moderator: Dr. Paweł Boguszewski, neurophysiologist from the Nencki Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Tomasz Stawiszyński, philosopher, essayist, associated with Radio TOK FM and Kwartalnik Przekrój, who for over two years has been leading a series of meetings “Philosophy in the Garden”.



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