Embroidery workshop

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Embroidery workshop is a proposal for all: ladies and gentlemen, embroidery, some embroidery and not embroidery at all.

There will be time and place for talks about embroidery, both the oldest historical and regionally diversified folk embroidery, as well as contemporary, experimental embroidery on the one hand, and on the other based on traditional techniques and stitches of embroidery. At first, the participants will create templates, which will be an embroidery script and, at the same time, the first embroidery exercise. While creating the template, they will learn about stitches “before” and “behind the needle”, knitted stitches, laid embroidery, split stitch or otherwise known as split stitches, cross stitches, embroidery on the backing. The knowledge of folk embroidery will start with the closest Wilanowski embroidery, they will also go to Kashubia, Kurpie, Podkarpacie, Pałuki. They will be able to choose where to look for inspiration to create their own embroidery project and do their first work. In the Open Studio you can experiment, choose what attracts you the most, create innovative works, small or large, modern or more classical, multicoloured or more ascetic in colour.


Warszawa, Sztukarnia mon 28/1 18:00 Embroidery workshop



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