A battle between Mellers and Witold Szabłowski

Address ul. Gałczyńskiego 12, Warszawa
Tags Talk, Literature, Meeting
Entry Free
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A meeting during which Marcin Meller and Anna Dziewit-Meller Witold Szabłowski will take part in the crossfire of questions about Georgia, and vice versa – the Melleros will ask Witold Szabłowski from Turkey. Seven years after the publication of the bestselling and almost cult book by Anna Dziewit-Meller and Marcin Meller “Gaumarjos!” still remains an obligatory reading for anyone planning to go to Georgia. In “Merhaba” Witold Szabłowski talks to truck drivers, prostitutes, professors – anyone who can help him understand the different faces of modern Turkey. He listens to the shocking stories of women prosecuted for blurring the honour of their families, a story of the most famous Turkish poet with a familiar sounding surname Borzęcki. He extracts from his interlocutors deeply hidden dreams, fears and longings. From their colourful, hypnotic stories emerges the image of a nation torn apart by contradictions – hesitating between tradition and modernity, secularism and religiousness, pride, sometimes bordering on pride and a sense of inferiority.



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