Ostrava Days 2021

Venue Ostrava – various venues
Address Ostrava
Tags Music, Classical, Experimental, Soudobá
Entry CZK 650–950

“The Ostrava Days Festival” represents a unique opportunity to experience the uncompromising and authentic music of the 20th and 21st centuries.From 19 to 28 August, 2021 the “Ostrava Days Festival” will present the music of today in all its breadth and diversity and celebrate 20 years from the first biennial which took place in 2001.

The festival is based on direct participation of composers and performers from the Czech Republic and from abroad; informal atmosphere between the performers, guest composers and the audience; participation of approximately 200 musicians from Europe and the USA, who work together for 2 weeks in Ostrava; on a ten-day showcase of contemporary music with an emphasis on world and Czech premieres; on the participation of orchestras, ensembles, soloists, choir; on a rich programme of concerts, marathons, happenings, one opera and site-specific projects. The festival is preceded by and closely connected with the Ostrava Days Institute for young composers.

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Past events

Ostrava, Triple Hall Karolina sat 28/8/2021 18:00 Závěrečný koncert festivalu Ostravské dny 2021
Ostrava, Triple Hall Karolina sat 28/8/2021 16:00 Intonace pro dvojlodí
Ostrava, Janáčkova konzervatoř sat 28/8/2021 11:00 Poslední výzva
Ostrava, Jiří Myron Theatre fri 27/8/2021 18:00 Sound Plasma
Ostrava, Triple Hall Karolina thu 26/8/2021 19:00 Ostravská banda II
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Staré koupelny – BrickHouse wed 25/8/2021 20:30 De Profundis: Frederic Rzewski (1938–2021)
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Staré koupelny – BrickHouse wed 25/8/2021 18:30 Time for Guests
Ostrava, The Cathedral of Holy Saviour tue 24/8/2021 21:30 Proroctví
Ostrava, The Cathedral of Holy Saviour tue 24/8/2021 19:00 Hlasy v katedrále
Ostrava, Triple Hall Karolina mon 23/8/2021 19:00 Ostravská banda I
Ostrava, Triple Hall Karolina sun 22/8/2021 18:00 Orchestra Opening
Ostrava, Ostrava – various venues 20/8 – 21/8/2021 Dlouhá noc: 18 hodin – 1080 minut
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Staré koupelny – BrickHouse thu 19/8/2021 21:30 The Past
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Staré koupelny – BrickHouse thu 19/8/2021 19:30 The Coming
Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Staré koupelny – BrickHouse thu 19/8/2021 18:00 Start

More events in venue

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