Opowieści o Śmierci, tej żywej

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Address Osiedle Przyjaźni 125C, Poznań
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Entry PLN 25
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Venue's website www.ksiegarniazbajki.pl

Just as we were all born, we are all in for the moment when our lives will end. We are often afraid of it. Some so much that they forbid saying the word Death (because then it will come sooner). It is difficult for us to come to terms with the death of loved ones. Then there is sadness and suffering from emptiness. To cope with it, people sing songs, dance, tell stories. They believe that life here is only a stop during the Great Walk. It will be an evening of talks about it and an attempt to look at Death from different angles. It will be done through stories and songs from Poland, as well as from other parts of the world, where the character of Death is presented differently: Szymon Góralczyk from the Karawana Opowieści group.

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