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Olaf Stuut  Thank You  Olaf Stuut – Thank You 5:00 0 ×
Olaf Stuut  Summate (Ryan Davis Remix)  Olaf Stuut – Summate (Ryan Davis Remix) 6:00 0 ×
Olaf Stuut  Pareidolia  Olaf Stuut – Pareidolia 5:00 0 ×
Olaf Stuut  Maze  Olaf Stuut – Maze 4:00 0 ×
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About Olaf Stuut

Olaf Stuut is an artist from Holland, precisely from the city Tilburg in the South. From an early age he was fascinated by music from all sorts and kinds and learned to play a couple of instruments to express himself trough notes. At the age of 15 he came in contact with music production software and since then he was hooked to the the world of digital music.

A musician who will always tell a story within his compositions, with strong vibes, challenging harmonies and sounds. Olaf Stuut’s music can’t be placed in one genre, although it connects to many of them; techno, deep house, ambient, psychedelic, cinematic and many more.

Olaf Stuut is also a co-founder of the SoundCloud account “24hourtape”: an event where six artists work together for 24 hours to make twelve tracks creating one tape.

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