Octopus Film Festival 2021

Address ul. Elektryków, Gdańsk
Entry PLN 180
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Octopus Film Festival returns to Gdańsk for its fourth edition, offering adventurous viewers six days filled to the brim with the most interesting and best genre cinema from around the world. According to the golden rule of sequels, this edition will be even bigger and crazier than the previous ones. This year the New Genre Cinema series, known from the first three editions, will be simply the Main Competition. We will be able to see there the titles which have not been presented on location in Poland before. Retrospectives and special sections will be held on Elektryków Street, and the program will be complemented by meetings with guests and unique special screenings scattered around the city, where the screening location corresponds with the genre and plot of the screened film. After long months of tiring lockdowns Octopus will remind the audience what the real magic of cinema is all about.

Past events

Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly sun 8/8/2021 23:59 Octopus: Emmanuelle
Gdańsk, Gdańsk – TBA sun 8/8/2021 21:30 Octopus: Hidden Screening
Gdańsk, Multikino sun 8/8/2021 21:15 Octopus: The Power
Gdańsk, B90 sun 8/8/2021 20:30 Octopus: American Hunter – narrated live
Gdańsk, Multikino sun 8/8/2021 19:15 Octopus: Mandibles
Gdańsk, B90 sun 8/8/2021 17:30 Octopus: Can't Stop the Music
Gdańsk, Multikino sun 8/8/2021 16:30 Octopus: The Blazing World
Gdańsk, B90 sun 8/8/2021 14:30 Octopus: Curse of Snakes Valley + meeting with the director
Gdańsk, Multikino sun 8/8/2021 14:00 Octopus: Mosquito State
Gdańsk, Square in front of the combined heat and power station in Gdansk sat 7/8/2021 22:00 Octopus: Blade Runner
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 22:00 Octopus: Psycho Goreman
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 21:45 Octopus: Bloodthirsty
Gdańsk, B90 sat 7/8/2021 19:30 Octopus: Turkey Shoot
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 19:15 Octopus: Hunted
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly sat 7/8/2021 19:00 Octopus: Tear of the Prince of Darkness + meeting with the director
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 19:00 Octopus: Kraj + spotkanie z twórcami filmu
Gdańsk, B90 sat 7/8/2021 17:15 Octopus: Fear
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly sat 7/8/2021 16:45 Octopus: Video Kings
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 16:30 Octopus: Spree
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 16:15 Octopus: The Spine of Night
Gdańsk, Multikino sat 7/8/2021 14:15 Octopus: The Power
Gdańsk, B90 sat 7/8/2021 14:00 Octopus: Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!
Gdańsk, Kuźnia (Stocznia Cesarska) fri 6/8/2021 23:30 Octopus: The Fly
Gdańsk, Multikino fri 6/8/2021 22:00 Octopus: Mandibles
Gdańsk, Kuźnia (Stocznia Cesarska) fri 6/8/2021 21:30 Octopus: The Fly
Gdańsk, B90 fri 6/8/2021 20:00 Octopus: Xtro – z lektorem na żywo
Gdańsk, Multikino fri 6/8/2021 20:00 Octopus: Bloody Hell
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly fri 6/8/2021 19:30 Octopus: Exorcist II – The Heretic
Gdańsk, Multikino fri 6/8/2021 19:15 Octopus: The Spine of Night
Gdańsk, B90 fri 6/8/2021 16:45 Octopus: The Wolf + meeting with the director
Gdańsk, Multikino fri 6/8/2021 16:45 Octopus: Slapface
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly fri 6/8/2021 16:30 Octopus: The Night of the Hunter
Gdańsk, Multikino fri 6/8/2021 16:00 Octopus: Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror
Gdańsk, B90 fri 6/8/2021 14:15 Octopus: The Man From Hong Kong
Gdańsk, Multikino fri 6/8/2021 14:15 Octopus: Hunted
Gdańsk, B90 thu 5/8/2021 23:59 Octopus: Butt Boy
Gdańsk, Plenum thu 5/8/2021 22:00 Octopus: Pi
Gdańsk, B90 thu 5/8/2021 21:45 Octopus: Long Weekend
Gdańsk, Multikino thu 5/8/2021 21:30 Octopus: Spree
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly thu 5/8/2021 19:30 Octopus: Summer Love
Gdańsk, B90 thu 5/8/2021 19:30 Octopus: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Gdańsk, Multikino thu 5/8/2021 19:00 Octopus: Mosquito State
Gdańsk, Multikino thu 5/8/2021 16:15 Octopus: Bloodthirsty
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly thu 5/8/2021 16:00 Octopus: Pilot Pirx's Inquest
Gdańsk, B90 thu 5/8/2021 14:15 Octopus: The Wicker Man
Gdańsk, Multikino thu 5/8/2021 14:15 Octopus: Meander
Gdańsk, Dziedziniec 66A wed 4/8/2021 22:00 Octopus: Turbo Kid
Gdańsk, B90 wed 4/8/2021 21:30 Octopus: Basic Instinct – live read by Katarzyna Figura
Gdańsk, Multikino wed 4/8/2021 21:15 Octopus: Meander
Gdańsk, B90 wed 4/8/2021 19:00 Octopus: 997 + spotkanie z twórcą programu Michałem Fajbusiewiczem
Gdańsk, Multikino wed 4/8/2021 18:45 Octopus: Psycho Goreman
Gdańsk, B90 wed 4/8/2021 16:30 Octopus: Man Bites Dog
Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly wed 4/8/2021 16:15 Octopus: Next of Kin
Gdańsk, Multikino wed 4/8/2021 16:15 Octopus: Bloody Hell
Gdańsk, Dok Cesarski tue 3/8/2021 22:00 Octopus: Moon
Gdańsk, Multikino tue 3/8/2021 21:15 Octopus: Slapface
Gdańsk, B90 tue 3/8/2021 18:30 Octopus: Fair Game
Gdańsk, Multikino tue 3/8/2021 18:30 Octopus: The Blazing World
Gdańsk, B90 tue 3/8/2021 16:30 Octopus: Robot Monster
Gdańsk, Multikino tue 3/8/2021 16:15 Octopus: Akilla's Escape


Fair Game  Official Trailer  Fair Game – Official Trailer 1:04 9 ×
The Blazing World  Official Trailer  The Blazing World – Official Trailer 1:43 0 ×
Moon  Official Trailer  Moon – Official Trailer 2:10 6 ×
Next Of Kin  Official Trailer  Next Of Kin – Official Trailer 2:59 4 ×
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