Norbert Delman: Poszliśmy szukać czegoś, czego nie ma, znaleźliśmy coś, czego nie szukaliśmy

Address Dzielna 5 lok.5B, Warszawa
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Curator Katarzyna Piskorz

According to Delman, sculpture is the best medium for talking about the human being, through its form it talks about both the existence of matter and the very lack of it. Emptiness becomes the main theme and a pretext for creation, it symbolises the natural state of the human individual. According to the artist, man is just a kind of a conglomeration of events and experiences from the past, but also those situations and turns of events which did not happen in his existence.

The latest realisations are the consequence of previous experiences and their logical extension. The experience of the pandemic crisis and the progressive climate change and environmental degradation can be seen as the starting point for this new chapter of his work. Delman’s sculptures tell a story about presence, about consciousness abandoning corporeality, about social relations in an abstract way. Expressive compositions, restrained by cogs, dynamically bent by spasms of pain or ecstasy, above all contain a considerable load of hope. Allowing unlucky shreds to fully exist proves that a “second chance” or even a second life is not just a pipe dream.

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