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S Nocny Kochanek

Past concerts

Sylwester z Kochankiem 2020 Internet, Streamed event 31/12/2020 22:15 Sylwester z Kochankiem 2020
Jeźdźcy postapokalipsy Warszawa, Progresja 18/9/2020 19:00 Jeźdźcy postapokalipsy
Nocny Kochanek Poznań, Nocny Targ Towarzyski 6/8/2020 19:00 Nocny Kochanek
Nocny Kochanek + support: 8 lat w Tybecie Warszawa, Progresja 24/7/2020 20:00 Nocny Kochanek + support: 8 lat w Tybecie
Nocny Kochanek Internet, Streamed event 5/6/2020 20:00 Nocny Kochanek
Nocny Kochanek + Zenek Kupatasa Warszawa, COS Torwar 20/12/2019 19:30 Nocny Kochanek + Zenek Kupatasa


Nocny Kochanek  Koń na białym rycerzu  Nocny Kochanek – Koń na białym rycerzu 3:54 578 ×
Nocny Kochanek  Czarna czerń  Nocny Kochanek – Czarna czerń 3:42 308 ×
Nocny Kochanek  Dziewczyna z kebabem  Nocny Kochanek – Dziewczyna z kebabem 6:52 310 ×
Nocny Kochanek  Randka w ciemno  Nocny Kochanek – Randka w ciemno 3:55 243 ×
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About Nocny Kochanek

Nocny Kochanek is one of the few Polish metal bands that creates music and lyrics with a self-aware distance towards heavy metal and themselves. The band is composed of musicians from the band Night Mistress. In 2012, the band recorded a comedic song for an animated film for adults Zemsta Faraona entitled Mineral Fiutta – the creation of the song marks the beginning of Nocny Kochanek. Music-wise, their output is traditional heavy metal typical of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or Saxon. Nocny Kochanek owes its name to Bartosz Walaszek, the director of _Zemsta Pharaona, and the popular cartoon Kapitan Bomba, in which Nocny Kochanek’s music has been featured numerous times. In one of the episodes the band performed under the banner of Nocny Kochanek, a humorous take on the name Night Mistress.


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