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Address Koperníkova 56, Plzeň
Theatre company tYhle
Entry CZK 170–220
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Author Marie Gourdain

Performing: Sabina Bočková, Radim Klásek, Matthew Rogers

At a time when the idea of and need for fundamental change are ubiquitous, how can mutate our way of thinking, our values and our vision of the world?

The production Mu–Tation explores the possibilities of the transformation of the body and the complete dilution of the being, but also the idea of creating a being from scratch, composed of different parts. Caught up in the exuberant cycle of life, is it possible for the body as we know it to metamorphose, to become other? Like when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it disintegrates into its elementary particles and mutates to conform with a different plan, a different architecture. French choreographer Marie Gourdain, in collaboration with three performers, works on a process of metamorphosis that passes through several successive reincarnations.

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