The Last Serb in Croatia

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Origin Croatia
Original name Posljednji Srbin u Hrvatskoj
Movie genre Comedy, Horror, Action
Length 90 min
Director Predrag Licina
Links IMDB
Release 2019
Ranking 70 %

Performing: Krešimir Mikić, Hristina Popovič, Tihana Lazović, Marina Redžepović, Bojan Navojec, Nikša Butijer, Sergej Trifunovič, René Bitorajac, Tin Gregoric, Judita Franković, Tvrtko Juric, Dražen Čuček, Janko Popovič Volarič

Croatia, seven years after bankruptcy. There is a fight going on in the world – water has become more precious than oil. In order to get hold of it, the powerful are ready to start wars, conquer, destroy, and even plant a zombie-virus. Mico, a bon viveur from Zagreb, whose daily routine includes massage parlours, restaurants and cinemas, where he watches a movie series featuring his favorite actress Franka Anic, is caught completely off guard by the zombie-epidemics. Nevertheless, he boldly embarks on an Odyssey accompanied by his movie heroine, with one highly unattainable, goal: to survive.

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