The Factory

Origin Armenia, Russia, France
Original name Zavod
Movie genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Length 109 min
Director Jurij Bykov
Links IMDB
Release 2018
Ranking 73 %

Performing: Denis Švedov, Vladislav Abašin, Andrej Smoljakov, Kirill Poluchin, Alexandr Bucharov, Dmitrij Kuličkov, Ivan Jankovskij, Jurij Tarasov, Pjotr Barančejev, Alexandr Vorobjov, Alexej Komaško, Sergej Sosnovskij, Boris Něvzorov, Oleg Almazov, Alexandr Baširov, Alexej Faddějev, Ilja Sokolovskij

A dilapidated industrial building stands in the outskirts of a provincial Russian town. Many of its workers have been employed before the change from state regulation to capitalist privatisation. When owner Kalugin (Andrey Smolyakov), a well-connected local oligarch, announces that the factory is bankrupt, a group of workers who haven’t been paid for months kidnap him for ransom.
Led by the mysterious Alexei (Denis Shvedov) whose motives are far from clear, the heist goes awry. Kalugin’s private security guards and a police SWAT team quickly have the building surrounded. The workers are trapped, the clock is ticking and allegiances are beginning to fray…


Brno, Art Cinema tue 24/9 20:00 The Factory
Brno, Art Cinema sat 28/9 17:30 The Factory

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