Project A

Address Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1
Origin Hong Kong
Original name 'A' gai wak
Movie genre Action, Comedy
Entry CZK 100
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Venue's website…
Length 106 min
Director Sammo Hung Kam-Bo,Jackie Chan
Links IMDB
Release 1983
Ranking 77 %

Performing: Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Biao Yuen, Dick Wei, Ma Wu, Benny Keung-Kuen Lai, Mars, Po Tai, Pui-chung Tong, Fat-yuen Lee, Hoi-San Kwan, Ling Wei Chen, Kwan Yung Moon, Danny Chow, Man-kee Yiu, Bruce Tong, Seung-lam Wan, Kei Law, John DeMita, Yu Lung Hsiao, Lily Lai-Chu Ng, Ka-lok Chin, Hin-Cheung Choi, Wynn Chun-Fai Lau, Kwan-Hong Wong, Chuen-hing Tam, Jennifer Paz

Not many things in popular movies can compare to the escapades of Hong Kong star duo, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan. Project A is their collaboration and a somewhat forgotten masterpiece which remains overshadowed by their more popular work. They are both in the best physical shape and at the peak of creativity, and fearlessly pull the most incredible and heart-stopping stunts. This historical tale from the 19th century is a fantastic comedy and shows close-to-perfect staging of action scenes.

Movie trailer

'A' gai wak  Official Trailer  'A' gai wak – Official Trailer 1:51 4 ×

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