Playing Hard

Address Plac Defilad 1, Warszawa
Origin Poland
Original name Zabawa Zabawa
Movie genre Comedy, Drama
Venue's website
Director Kinga Dębska
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Ranking 64 %

Performing: Dorota Kolak, Agata Kulesza, Marcin Dorociński

The 40-year-old Prosecutor Dorota drinks in order not to be crazy, as she says herself. By hiding her immunity, she hides all offences committed ‘under her influence’. Her husband, a well-known politician, helps her effectively. Student Magda likes to party, but she learns great and has a great job, so nobody reproaches her for it. For a respected surgeon, Teresa, every pretext is good to drink. She doesn’t deny herself alcohol even at work, in a children’s hospital of which she is the head of the hospital. Soon, in the life of each of the women, there will be events, after which their problem will intensify. Will the heroines, supported by their families and friends, manage to overcome it in time?


Warszawa, Kinoteka today 15:20 Playing Hard
Warszawa, Kinoteka tomorrow 15:20 Playing Hard

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