Knife + Heart

Address Moravské náměstí 3, Brno
Origin Switzerland, France, Mexico
Original name Un couteau dans le coeur
Movie genre Drama, Thriller
Length 102 min
Director Yann Gonzalez
Links IMDB
Release 2018
Ranking 60 %

Summer in Paris, 1979. Anne, a producer of cheap gay pornographic films, is unhappily in love with Lois the editor, but Lois has left her, so she’s drowning her sorrows in booze. To win Lois’s affection back, she decides to make her most ambitious film yet, with the help of her faithful assistant Archibald. But one of the actors is brutally murdered, and while the killer is looking for more victims, Anne becomes a part of a strange investigation that turns her life upside down. Yann Gonzalez, known mainly for his quirky short films, comes with an homage to the style of the 1970s and the genres of erotic thriller and melodrama, a combination that enables him to create a seductive world full of erotic fantasies, yearnings and passions. The singer, model and actress Vanessa Paradis stars in the leading role of the stubborn and unpredictable Anne.


Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moran, Nicolas Maury, Noé Hernández, Thibault Servière

Movie trailer

Un couteau dans le coeur  Official Trailer  Un couteau dans le coeur – Official Trailer 2:29 2 ×

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