Hot Men Cold Dictatorships

Address Stresemannstr. 29, Berlin
Origin Hungary
Movie genre Drama, Biographical, Documentary
Entry € 5–8
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Length 98 min
Director Mária Takács

Four young gay men uncover the silenced part of Hungary’s Communist past and reinterpret it from the vantage point of the current nationalist turn. They visit seven elders, excavate their secret service files, and re-experience some of the crucial life events of an older Hungarian gay generation. Mária Takács’s film is one of the first documentaries about the gay communities in Central and Eastern Europe. It investigates how Hungarian society and the government have treated gay people and takes a look at the changes in their personal experiences of social and political oppression from the communist era to contemporary times. The film helps exploring the rich micro-histories of these communities and how one’s self-understanding and solidarity can mitigate the effects of state-driven homophobia.

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