Cirkus Rwanda

Address Moravské náměstí 3, Brno
Origin Czech Republic
Movie genre Documentary, Czech
Length 80 min
Director Michal Varga
Release 2018
Ranking 72 %

Performing: Rostislav Novák ml.

Rosťa Novák, the face of Cirk La Putyka, has decided to train for a performance with a Rwandan troupe of acrobats. But can they get on together, two teams that are used to such different work tempos and styles? A unique documentary that takes a peek behind the scenes of the thrilling show Hit, Tell the Difference from Prague’s Letní Letná festival.


Praha 1, Cinema Lucerna fri 21/12 16:30 Cirkus Rwanda
Praha 1, Cinema Lucerna sat 22/12 16:30 Cirkus Rwanda

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