Basia 2

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Origin Poland
Movie genre Animated
Length 45 min
Director Marcin Wasilewski, Łukasz Kacprowicz
Release 2019

Performing: Julia Gawrysiak, Barbara Kubiak, Beata Wyrąbkiewicz, Maciej Kowalik, Krystyna Wachelko-Zaleska, Włodzimierz Press

Basia’s adventures again on the big screen. Continuation of the adventures of the resolute 5-year-old, known to lovers of books by Zofia Stanecka and Marianna Oklejak. Basia is a five-year-old heroine of every preschooler. She has a personality, a plush friend Misiek Zdzisiek, loves jellies and striped clothes. Every day she comes up with something new – today she wants to become a ballet dancer and tomorrows he wants to become a wild animal trainer. In the world of Basia everything is an adventure – learning pirouettes, cooking together or shopping in a supermarket. You can’t get bored with Basia.

The first episodes of the series were a turnout success in Polish cinemas (they achieved the best result for Polish animated series presented in cinemas). The new set will show episodes: Basia i taniec, Basia i pieniądze, Basia i telewizor, and Basia i gotowanie.

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