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Lucia Kašiarová

Lucia Kašiarová

Performative non-solo.

Mnohodinec is a collective work of artists, which through the body of Lucie Kašiarová brings incomprehensible facts and creates a space in which there is no past or future. A space in which they want to face the unspeakable, unspoken, incomprehensible together for a short time. Whereas the meaning lies in the facing itself, not in the message or conclusion.

Lucia Kašiarová, the author, said about the performance: _I am interested in the way of looking together at the intertwining of personal and general experiences. Where does one end and the other begins? Through my body, voice and imagination, I seek and apply methods to materialize and see the intertwining – to have my own autonomy and yet to intermingle in multiplicity. Coincidence, error, superposition, dance, physics, space and movement are the starting point of the action for me. Using both words and body. How many squares do I have to draw to make a circle? How far do I have to be to see myself? How close do I have to be to see the whole? _

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