Meeting Brno 2021

Venue Brno – různá místa
Address Brno
Tags Multigenre
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Offering a platform for encounters between different opinions, cultures and religions, Meeting Brno is a festival encompassing a multitude of genres. Each year, our programme presents a number of stimulating discussions with inspiring guests, augmented by a variety of artistic performances that develop the festival’s main theme. Our now-traditional Reconciliation March forms an important part of the proceedings.

The sixth year of the festival will take place from 26 July to 6 August 2021, with the theme “Truth Prevails?”. The festival will combine the topics of narrative variability, the different points of view that different generations and social groups have of historic events and personalities, and the distortions of reality that derive from various ideologies. Biased or one-sided descriptions of events can lead to harmful phenomena in society. European history was repeatedly and tragically marked by the intentional concealment of historical context and distortion of facts, which led to divisions in communities and increased the influence of populist and extremist opinions. Our aim is to help break down stereotypical thinking by opening new perspectives.

Past events

Brno, Káznice Brno thu 29/7/2021 21:00 Ein Strudel und Nekonečno
Brno, Káznice Brno wed 28/7/2021 21:00 Ein Strudel und Nekonečno – premiéra



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