Permanent exhibition

Mathematik des Planeten Erde

Address Trebbiner Straße 9, Berlin
Tags Others, Science and technology, Planet Earth
Entry € 4–8
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Erupting volcanoes, swelling tsunamis, melting glaciers: Our planet is a network of constant change. Is it possible to calculate or even forecast those changes? And how large is the contribution of the mathematical sciences in order to understand these dynamic processes and multifaceted relations?

Supported by mathematics, many of these geophysical or atmospheric processes can be identified and calculated: Mathematics supplies the appropriate tools for the calculation of the probability of volcanic eruptions or the propagation of tsunamis by substituting the relevant variable parameters, for e.g. temperature or speed, with mathematical expressions.

Our special exhibition Mathematics of Planet Earth shows three exquisite contributions to a worldwide competition, that was initiated in 2013 by the international initiative “Mathematics of Planet Earth". New multimedial and interactive exhibits were developped, illustrating the significance of mathematics for the analysis of the variable processes on our planet earth.

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