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Upcoming concerts

Cisna, Cisna 25/9 – 26/9/2020 ZEW się budzi Festiwal 2020
Siedlce, Pięć Sztuk tomorrow 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Skarżysko-Kamienna, Semafor sat 26/9 19:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Warszawa, Progresja fri 9/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa + Transgresja
Wrocław, A2 Centrum Koncertowe sat 10/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa + Transgresja
Leszno, MOK Leszno sun 11/10 19:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Tychy, Underground Pub fri 16/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Bielsko-Biała, Rudeboy Club sat 17/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Gomunice, Klub Muzyczny Bogart fri 23/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Gorzów Wielkopolski, C-60 sun 25/10 19:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Gdynia, Klub Muzyczny Ucho fri 30/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Bydgoszcz, Estrada Stagebar sat 31/10 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Jaworzno, Relax thu 5/11 19:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Opole, NCPP fri 6/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Częstochowa, Rura sat 7/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Przecław, GOKSiR Przecław fri 13/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Koszalin, G38 sat 14/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Malbork, MaKUL@TURA sun 15/11 19:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Rzeszów, Pod Palmą fri 20/11 18:30 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Zamość, Kazamata Wschodnia Bastionu I sat 21/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa
Kraków, Klub Studencki Kwadrat fri 27/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Zabrze, CK Wiatrak sat 28/11 20:00 Łydka Grubasa + Zenek Kupatasa
Krosno, Rock Klub Iron 6/3/2021 20:00 Łydka Grubasa
Białystok, Zmiana Klimatu 13/3/2021 20:00 Łydka Grubasa


Łydka Grubasa  Walec  Łydka Grubasa – Walec 3:43 45 ×
Łydka Grubasa  R jak rozlewam (Wersja Antykryzysowa 2.0)  Łydka Grubasa – R jak rozlewam (Wersja Antykryzysowa 2.0) 4:03 33 ×
Łydka Grubasa  Nie jem nic (live)  Łydka Grubasa – Nie jem nic (live) 4:33 382 ×
Łydka Grubasa  Rapapara  Łydka Grubasa – Rapapara 4:13 444 ×
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About Łydka Grubasa

Łydka Grubasa is a band performing rock and metal music, but at the same time drawing on the whole musical world and intertwining almost all genres in their songs. Lyrics are composed of current issues dressed in humorous, sarcastic, sometimes blunt lyrics. This mixture, seemingly lame, guarantees a lot of guitar energy, a very positive aura coming from the stage and a dose of laughter combined with reflection. The band was formed in 2002 and until 2019 they released three studio albums – Bąż Woa, Perpetuum Debile and O-dur C-ból, a limited compilation of hits and unpublished songs Grejtest Szits and a DVD with a concert recording. The band’s latest studio album – Socjalibacja – is 11 brand new compositions, in which the band has leaned over the problem of feedback between modern man and the Social Media and Internet. Is human still shaping the Media, or is it the other way around? Who here is formatting who and how? These questions are answered by Łydka in a characteristic, grotesque, but also a bit deeper, way.

The previous album, i.e. O-dur C-ból, recorded at the Hertz Studio in Białystok, was a breakthrough in Łydka’s history, providing the group with a large number of fans, dozens of concerts a year, and hundreds of thousands of streams. The song Rapapara was played on YouTube over 25 million times. In 2011 and 2018 Łydka performed at Pol’and’Rock festival. In 2019, after a very fierce fight, she received the Złoty Bączek award, guaranteeing their performance on the P’n’R 2019 Grand Stage. The performance during the festival attracted several hundred thousand people. The concert was fully recorded and released as a CD/DVD – the release made its debut on the high 20th place of OLiS, the official list of the best selling records in Poland.


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