Address Plac Kościuszki 9/10, Wrocław
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Curator Mika Drozdowska, Iwona Kałuża

The exhibition about the Kościuszko Housing District (KDM) presented at SIC! BWA Wrocław Gallery will be an attempt to diagnose contemporary social phenomena strictly related to the history and identity of the location.

It is of the essence of life that it does not begin here or end there, but rather that it keeps on going. For the same reason, environments are never finite but undergo continuous generation.Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description by Tim Ingold

In 1956, a housing district was completed in Wrocław, a place where cultural, artistic and social life was reborn. People hung out in the Stylowa café or KDM restaurant. They read newspapers in the Club of International Press and Book, and created a new vision of the young city’s art at BWA galleries and The Mona Lisa. At night the square was lit by the systematically mounted new neon signs. Over sixty years after the Kościuszko Housing District was built, it became home to SIC! as well. The gallery’s interests revolve around glass and ceramics, as well as such issues as transparency, fragility and visibility. And it is precisely transparency and permeation that inspire reflection on the way we perceive material reality, the here and now of our world in reference to the interpretation of the past. In this way, BWA Wrocław engages in a dialogue with the architectural concept and urban layout of the district, which was designed by a team headed by Roman Tunikowski.

The exhibition will be an attempt to determine the relationship between conditions in which the local community functions and current assessment of the visual value of this part of the city. Referring to the past, as well as fields of interests of the project’s curators – including residence, neighbourhood, community, identity, impression, conflict, presence and permeation – the exhibition will also include a number of external activities examining social contexts connected with the square’s current function.

artists: Hubert Kielan, Szymon Szewczyk
sound installation: Daniel Brożek



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