Lee Hee Moon

Contemporary folk, Korean Folk Music www.leeheemoon.com
S Lee Hee Moon

Past concerts

Ethno Port Poznań Festival 2018 Poznań, Zamek Culture Centre 7/6 – 10/6/2018 Ethno Port Poznań Festival 2018

About Lee Hee Moon

Lee Hee Moon, the famous Korean sorikkun, or folk singer, reaches back to the oldest musical traditions of the central part of the peninsula, namely the province of Gyeonngi. He is interested in music that accompanied the farmers during the holidays and ceremonies, that is in the moments of respite from work and struggle with the harsh Korean flora. Lee Hee-Moon creates intriguing performances, using what is expressed by folk music – the gratitude for a favorable fate, joy, and hope, but also the uncertainty of tomorrow. These performances are an aggregation of recitation, singing, percussive rhythm and gesture. They delight with their wealth of resources and at the same time the simplicity of their message. The artist eagerly goes beyond the convention, mixes different styles and genres and undertakes cooperation with musicians with diverse experiences, thanks to which his work is a never-ending pioneer adventure that serves the search for musical truth.


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