Książka w teatrze: Było, minęło… Wspomnienia

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A meeting as part of the series “Książka w teatrze” devoted to “Było, minęło… Wspomnienia” (“Once Upon a Time… Memories”) by Bohdan Korzeniewski.

Memoirs_ is the first collected edition of memoirs of Bohdan Korzeniewski, an outstanding personality of Polish theater: scholar, teacher, organizer, director and critic. Korzeniewski’s memory returns not to the theater, however, but to the far lesser known pages of his life before 1945, including his life as a minor observer of the October Revolution in Belarus, a prisoner of Auschwitz, a rescuer of the University Library and a “detective” tracking down book collections taken by the Germans after the war.

Korzeniewski’s unusually sparse prose, as if carved in marble, is at once a testimony to history and a story of extraordinary adventures. Jerzy Timoszewicz, the author’s long-time collaborator on the editorial board of Pamiętnik Teatralny, believed that Korzeniewski should not have been involved in theater practice at all: directing and educating directors, but should have devoted himself exclusively to writing. The volume Było, minęło… Wspomnienia consisted of publications not available today: Books and People, the memoir series Było, minęło i nie wróci published exclusively in the monthly magazine Znak, Korzeniewski’s story from the documentary film Trees and People, Korzeniewski’s memoir from the Warsaw Uprising written down by Wacław Borowy. The whole is supplemented by personal essays about the Author by Anna Kuligowska-Korzeniewska and Andrzej Kruczyński.

A link to the meeting will be made available on Facebook, YouTube channel and Theater Institute website.

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