Kocham w życiu trzy rzeczy: samochód, alkohol i marynarzy…

Address ul. Wilcza 29a, Warszawa
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Curator Dobromiła Dobro, Agnieszka Kalita, Hanna Kraś, Agata Ostrowska, Agata Plater–Zyberk, Katarzyna Trzeciak

Several hundred female students studied at the capital’s Academy of Fine Arts between 1918 and 1939. Probably not all of them loved cars, alcohol and sailors equally, but all of them had in common the desire to study art. They had many differences – origin, social status, views, religion, and often also creative temperament. Some fought for their position in the art world, others became the wives of their husbands, abandoned their artistic careers or were completely lost in the turmoil of war. We follow the traces of a dozen or so biographies of female students, trying to examine their fates and recall those figures of women to whom history has so far failed to pay due attention. I love three things in life: cars, alcohol and sailors… is an exhibition organised by students of the Faculty of Visual Culture Management at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, in collaboration with the Arton Foundation and the lokal_30 gallery.

The Archive of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw preserves the portfolios of as many as 925 women from the years 1922-1939 (portfolios from earlier years have not survived). However, only some of them developed artistic careers sufficiently to be included in the annals of the history of Polish art. For many, all that remains is a handwritten curriculum vitae and a student application form enclosed in an archival folder. The exhibition will present the stories of fifteen female students of the Warsaw School of Fine Arts (later the Academy of Fine Arts) from the interwar period. The exhibition is an attempt to follow their stories: to reach their further fates and revise their creative output.

Substantive supervision: Dr Marika Kuźmicz
Artists: Helena Bukowska, Krystyna Dydyńska, Wiktoria Goryńska, Julia Keilowa, Janina, Konarska, Julia Kotarbińska, Bogna Krasnodębska-Gardowska, Janina Kłopocka, Elżbieta Malcz-Klewin, Leonia Nadelman/Janecka, Maria Nicz-Borowiakowa, Jadwiga Simon-Pietkiewicz, Resia Schor, Elwira Zachert-Mazurczyk, Wanda Zawidzka-Manteuffel



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