Klubnacht: Vatican Shadow + Avalon Emerson + More

Address Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
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Vatican Shadow is the Berghain resident most exploring the borderlands of club music in direction noise and industrial. The New Yorker is the head of the Hospital Productions label and followes the diy tradition of the industrial culture of the 80s like no other. With a range of diverse alter egos, he has created himself a niche comprised by raw mechanical funk, noise and other sound collages. In his Berghain 09 mix, released this March, he connects exclusive works from different generations of electronic music subculture, from early UK industrial and Japanese noise to New York underground techno. Vatican Shadow sees Berghain 09 as a hommage to the techno mixtapes which influenced him making his first rave experiences in the 90s. For today’s release party at Berghain, he has invented acts like JK Flesh and Volvox who have also contributed to Berghain 09 with exclusive tracks.

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Russia, Czechia
Breakbeat, Electro, Electronic, Techno, EBM, New Beat, Acid techno
Germany, United Kingdom
Germany, USA
Electronic, Techno, Wave, EBM
United Kingdom
Electronic, Techno, Industrial, Power Electronics, Dub Techno, Heavy Electronica
United Kingdom
Electronic, Techno, House, Dub Techno
Electronic, Techno, EBM, Industrial, Post Punk
Electronic, Techno, Experimental, Techno, Experimental Techno
Germany, USA
Electronic, Techno, House, Tech house, New Wave, Acid techno
Electronic, Techno, House, Chicago House, Garage house, Deep House
Germany, Netherlands
Electronic, House, Afrohouse


Fractions  Control  Fractions – Control 34:18 138 ×
Vatican Shadow  Tonight Saddam Walks Amidst Ruins  Vatican Shadow - Tonight Saddam Walks Amidst Ruins 4:34 2 ×
Barker & Baumecker  Love Is A Battlefield  Barker & Baumecker – Love Is A Battlefield 10:07 28 ×
Becka Diamond  Sounds From Nowhere Podcast #061  Becka Diamond – Sounds From Nowhere Podcast #061 11:01 1 ×
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