Klubnacht: Ansome + Bas Mooy + Avalon Emerson + more

Address Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
Tags Electro, Techno, House, Electronic, Drum and bass, Dub, Balearic, Acid, Ambient, Garage, Techno, Deep House, Industrial, Electronica, UK Garage
Venue's website www.berghain.de

Rotterdam has taken over the role of a serious and creative underdog in the Dutch techno landscape. In the rough port and workers' city in the South of the Netherlands the heritage of Italo disco, Detroit techno and electro is managed with a no bullshit attitude. Furthermore, the city serves as the birth place of gabber. The fact that a techno label like Mord hails from Rotterdam is therefore no surprise.

Bas Mooy founded the imprint six years ago and since then has become one of the most important techno institutions of our time. A militant, heavy sound by artists like Ansome, Charlton, Kamikaze Space Programme and UVB who all perform at Berghain tonight.

Another program point is New York’s Antenes. She is not only a DJ and producer but also runs a laboratory for self-made sequencers and synthesizers built on the base of old electric devices.

At Panorama Bar, there is an eight-hour b2b2b2b set by the four DJs and good friends Peach, Saoirse, Moxie and Shanti Celeste all experienced in this format. They all run their own shows at Rinse FM or NTS and are characterized by an extremely dynamic approach to DJing not limited by any genre boundaries.

Performing artists

United Kingdom
Short, Techno, Electronic, Industrial
USA, Germany
Tech house, Techno, House, Electronic, New Wave, Acid techno
Breakbeat, Experimental, Techno, Electronic, Field Recordings, Industrial, Downtempo
Netherlands, Germany
France, Germany
Israel, Netherlands
Short, Experimental, House, Electronic, Electronica, Electronic Jazz, Psychedelic
United Kingdom
Canada, United Kingdom
Ireland, United Kingdom
Jazz, Electro, Techno, House, Electronic, Dub, Ambient, Garage
USA, Germany
Electro, Techno, House, Electronic, UK Garage
Australia, Germany, United Kingdom
Techno, House, Electronic, Balearic


Ansome  Tin  Ansome – Tin 5:34 23 ×
Bas Mooy  Kneel  Bas Mooy - Kneel 6:00 6 ×
Avalon Emerson  Natural Impasse  Avalon Emerson – Natural Impasse 6:13 29 ×
Antenes  Fire Rises  Antenes – Fire Rises 7:39 41 ×
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