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Upcoming concerts

Praha 1, Archa Theatre Full Moon 10 + 1: Repetitor + Autumnist + Kalle

Past concerts

Kalle + Bardie Bardlin Praha 2, Náplavka Kalle + Bardie Bardlin
Psy–High 2014 Hořice, Lom U sv. Josefa Psy–High 2014
Radio Wave Live Session: Václav Havelka III + Kalle Praha 2, Czech Radio Radio Wave Live Session: Václav Havelka III + Kalle
Poprvé Na Hollaru: Kalle + Kyklos Galaktikos + more Praha 1, Na Hollaru Poprvé Na Hollaru: Kalle + Kyklos Galaktikos + more
StreetCulture Session: Kalle Praha 3, StreetCulture Bar StreetCulture Session: Kalle
Koyote and the Snake + support: Kalle Praha 6, Potrvá Koyote and the Snake + support: Kalle


Kalle  Forgiven (live)  Kalle – Forgiven (live) 5:30 262 ×
Kalle  Felid  Kalle – Felid 3:13 469 ×
Kalle  Saffron Hills (full album)  Kalle – Saffron Hills (full album) 37:07 265 ×
Kalle  My Lost Child (live)  Kalle – My Lost Child (live) 4:40 182 ×
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About Kalle

Kalle, which is said to have a Nordic soul, is composed of singer Veronika Buriánková and guitarist David Zeman. The band has nominations for Vinylo, Andel and Apollo. They have both played in other formations: Veronika and David stood behind the band Veen, with their friends playing in the post-metal band Nod Nod.

The name Kalle (Nordic Karel) originated spontaneously. Originally not intended to concentrate on Scandinavia, the aim was to create a name that would not define the band. "We were looking for a combination of letters that make up a certain accent. Kalle liked us at the first utterance. When we found that it was a typical Norwegian name, and in translation it means something like cold, in some languages ​​death, we did not mind," explains the singer. The Tábor couple was looking for something likable but did not want it to define the content, because it could change over the years.


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