Johannes Benz

Contemporary folk, Alternative/Indie | Johannes Benz has a very interesting audiovisual project in which a synergistic link between the American road movie genre movie and music genre wood folk. The result is a unique project called Johannes Benz: Songs of The Road.

Poetics of endless roads, landings and lonely in the dark flashing truck stops in a fine mist of gasoline. Allegory of life with strong melodies modern songwriting draws the listener captivating atmosphere. Johannes Benz issued their debut album titled One way road to a new record label Transistor. Dvanáctipísňové album "One Way Road" from the environment, highways and allegorical journey takes us into a world of modern songwriting and unconventional country. Along with blew beyond the genres desert drummer David Landštof, guitarist Josef Stepanek, Jan Lstibůrek on bass and am Almelo, along with vocalist Harvey sisters and special guest, legendary drummer Erno Sedivy. The board in the mix Petra Kaláb, a project of Johannes Benz plays with nadžánrovostí on the border between folk and rock, but with a clear conception of the poetics of distance and endless highways errant drivers.


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