Jarosław Modzelewski: Images from Childhood

Venue aTak
Address ul. Mazowiecka 11, Warszawa
Entry Free
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Jarosław Modzelewski’s painting will be presented at the aTAK Gallery for the third time. It started with the 2008 open-air exhibition where the artist showed his Tuscany impressions painted in Vellano, where he had arrived a year earlier at the invitation by Krzysztof Musiał, together with his students and friends. Three years after this Italian adventure, the time came for his first individual exhibition at the gallery. Now, the meeting has been held for the third time. This time, the works by Modzelewski have been atypical, since they do not capture on canvas the reality surrounding him today – as the artist has accustomed viewers to do. In the pictures currently exhibited, the painter reveals a different world to the gallery guests; he shows the crumbs of his childhood, fragments of the memories from years ago come to life. What can be seen at the exhibition was once upon a time, happened long ago, and by painting today these flashes of memory, the artist in a way completes the elements of that bygone world that are missing from his oeuvre.

However, this is not a programmatic, systematic or conscious painting of childhood images. It seems rather like catching those small memories lost somewhere deep in our memory, which sometimes appear to us out of nowhere and encourage us to reflect on something that happened in the distant past and which we have long forgotten. Looking at the scenes in the paintings, we ask ourselves: what happened there? When was it? The answers are largely provided by the protagonist of these events himself. The text presented here, very personal, offers an interesting – not merely literary – comment on the majority of the pictures painted by Modzelewski.



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