Jakub Gliński: You Are Too Close

Address ul. Bracka 18/62, Warszawa
Entry Free
Venue's website www.gunianowikgallery.com

As part of this year’s edition of WGW, the Gunia Nowik Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Jakub Gliński – painter, performer, audiovisual artist, a total and extreme creator. The inspiration and domain of Gliński’s work is destruction, decay, and civilisational waste, while his radical performative actions often leave the audience in a state of profound shock. He usually creates paintings and installations intuitively, using the gesture-rich aesthetics of Trash and Error. The blue-grey palette using an airbrush, intermingling patches of colour that resemble scratched walls (white, yellow, pink), visual quotations from murals, pop culture, tattoos or children’s drawings, have already become the artist’s clearly recognisable style. His actions in many fields are often a quick, subconscious reaction to the signals he receives from his surroundings. The starting point for the exhibition You Are Too Close is a keen insight into emotions and the invisible border of safety people create around themselves. The exhibition was created in collaboration with Natalia Grabowska, a curator at the Serpentine Galleries in London.

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