Jak dobrze wybrać cyfrowego dystrybutora muzyki?

Venue Streamed event
Address Polska
Tags Workshop
Entry PLN 80–180
Event website www.facebook.com…
Takes place during Warsztaty Music Business

Practical workshops for musicians on the digital distribution of their work. The event is dedicated to all musicians, employees of cultural institutions, publishing houses and concert agencies, students, graduates of music schools of the first and second degree, as well as drama schools, students and graduates of music academies interested in operating in the industry. The classes will be conducted by Wojciech Ignatowski – an expert in the field of digital audio and video distribution and a certified YouTube partner. He specializes in managing copyrights with the Content ID tool, optimizing content on YouTube and building community on the site.

During the course you will be able to learn:

  • How to choose a digital music distributor well?
  • Why is it worth investing in digital distribution?
  • Which distributor to choose?
  • What to look for when choosing one?
  • What is the practical process of choosing a distributor?
  • How to work with a distributor to achieve success
  • What analytical data to pay attention to?
  • How much do Spotify and other services pay for streaming?

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Jak wydać muzykę na Spotify? Polska, Streamed event sat 5/6/2021 18:30 Jak wydać muzykę na Spotify?

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