Improwizacja taneczna i teatr fizyczny: Jesteś mistrzem swojego ruchu

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Takes place during Ciałoprzestrzeń

The workshops of Theater Institute will deal with both the improvement of physicality of the dancer/actor and pure creation based on feeling (body, space) and the search for individual movement expression. The performer-creator does not learn, but discovers the creative resources already available in him/her through the practice of improvisation. This happens by healing the feedback between the psyche and the body, i.e., activating the flow between the stimulus for movement and the movement itself. It will be a search for natural, organic and sincere movement, taking care of its form and expressiveness. Each workshop will begin with a simple warm-up, an introduction to and exploration of the class topic, and end with a quiet time. During the workshop participants will write, draw, and talk. So be sure to bring paper, a pen, and crayons of any kind.

The program will include physical theater, dance improvisation, movement composition, “authentic movement”, body symbolism, contrasts, mental images in movement, interdisciplinary activities, as well as motor activities: body awareness, body connections, working with the center and limb articulation, movement qualities (weight, tension, level), form-shape and transfer (flow), senses.

The classes will be conducted by Alicja Miszczor – movement actress, dance improvisation, physical theater and movement composition instructor, Hatha Yoga instructor. Alicja lives and teaches in Krakow, Poland and teaches at dance festivals all over the country. Creator of the InterArt Dance method, in which she combines various fields of art. Scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznan (2013). Qualified Instructor of Movement Improvisation and Body Symbolism (Institute for Dance and Movement Dynamics/ Essen/ Detlef Kappert) – a course in choreotherapy. Graduate of PPSKAK in Kalisz in the field of contemporary dance. From 2008 to 2015 a dancer at EST with Iwona Olszowska. From 2013 to 2015 she collaborated with Barakah theater in Krakow. Participant and author of performances and video dance projects. Since 2018. cooperates with Krzyżowa foundation working, among others, with people with different types and degrees of motor and intellectual disabilities.

Duration of class: 2hrs.

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