I feel something. I don't know what

Address ul. Gałczyńskiego 3, Warszawa
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Curator Magda Kardasz & Diana Marincu

The exhibition “I feel something. I don't know what” is a joint project initiated by Warsaw’s Zachęta Project Space and the Art Encounters Foundation in Timişoara. Its aim is to build a creative bridge between artists active on the art scene in Timişoara and Polish artists who have taken part in exhibitions organised by MPZ over the past few years. The first instalment of the exhibition in Timişoara took place between April and June 2021.

The project presents juxtaposed works in dialogue by a group of Romanian and Polish artists of the young and middle generation. The exhibition features six female and a pair of artists from Timişoara: Lera Kelemen, Ana Kun, Andreea Medar, Carmen Nicolau, Pusha Petrov & Miki Velciov, Sorina Vazelina and six Polish artists: Zofia Gramz, Janusz Lukowicz, Paulina Pankiewicz, Anna Siekierska, Mikołaj Szpaczyński and Marta Węglińska. The show is based on several interrelated thematic threads, such as the relationship between natural ecosystems and human interference, the imagery of hybrid, anthropomorphic beings as an extension of many aspects of human existence, and the artists' activist and ecological gestures towards the environment, the city, public space and social change. The invited artists aim to create structures based on self-organisation and collaboration, through which they depart from existing systems. They draw inspiration intuitively from nature and wildlife. Their aim is to awaken a personal and collective conscience aware of the issues that define human existence in today’s exhausted anthropocentric environment. The title of the exhibition was inspired by a drawing by Zofia Gramz and highlights the state of uncertainty conveyed to us by the planet itself, as well as the gap between emotions and thoughts caused by the current situation, which abounds in absurdities.

Artists: Zofia Gramz, Lera Kelemen, Ana Kun, Janusz Lukowicz, Andreea Medar, Carmen Nicolau, Paulina Pankiewicz, Pusha Petrov & Miki Velciov, Anna Siekierska, Mikołaj Szpaczyński, Sorina Vazelina, Marta Węglińska
Collaboration: Monika Kopczewska



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