I awoke at this grey hour, awakened by the heart's rumble

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The exhibition by Wiktoria Walendzik and Iwo Panasiewicz titled. I awoke at this grey hour, awakened by the heart’s rumble is about the needs contained in gender. And since needs emerge from culture, we tame them naked and defenceless; we sip them with tea, we tear them over a dying dog, we say goodbye with a fuck you sign, we celebrate with a fatty broth, we burn them with the last cigarette… Our gender is also free, maybe not as academic intellectuals or street activists would like it to be, but more simply: imagining someone else in ourselves, trying to understand the other, another human being. Victoria and Iwa’s exhibition is about two opposing attitudes – his being on the move and her being at home – and about those other relationships, needs, desires that are ours, that is, all humans.



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