Hyunjin Bek

Experimental, Progressive Rock, Avant-garde
S Hyunjin Bek

About Hyunjin Bek

Bek Hyunjin (b. 1972) is an “omnidirectional artist” who works as a singer, composer, painter, performance artist, poet, and film director. As anonymous portraits that often appeared in his paintings until a few years ago originated from the desolate atmosphere of ordinary people’s lives, Bek endlessly makes brush strokes as he observes the unstable condition of people living in an uncertain, incomplete world. The geometric, abstract traces on the surfaces of paintings resemble our universal lives, which consist of emotions “that cannot be intact” and thoughts “without any system”. The vivid colors, sounds, and gestures compete with one another, creating strange and intricate scenes. Within his works, it is very important—and enjoyable—to depend on trifling, ordinary thoughts embedded in our everyday lives, and to discover individual icons and indicators while going across one piece, or from one piece to another over, without any discernible purpose.


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