Humain 2022

Venue Kumst
Address Údolní 19 , Brno-město
Entry CZK 150–250
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Humain is a project, conference and platform that opens, connects and links topics and experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, art, design and humanities. The idea of artificial intelligence as a sci-fi phenomenon of the future is long gone. It is here and now. Everybody encounters it when they scroll through our Facebook feed, Instagram or TikTok; it is used in mobility, in behavioural prediction, in political marketing and elsewhere. Artificial intelligence doesn’t look like a dystopia from the 80s and 90s, but like subtle and invisible algorithms that influence what people buy, what path they take, who they vote for and who they hate every day. So its reality is in many ways far more frightening than its image.

The third conference, Humain – on Design, Humanities, Art and Artificial Intelligence, will ask how can AI algorithms be turned on the side of people. In what ways can people engage it in well-being? How can it become a co-creator, for example, in the learning process or in public affairs?

The project is a collaboration between theoreticians and practitioners from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology, the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University and the Brno.AI platform and is part of the AI Days project.

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