Address ul. Jazdów 2, Warszawa
Entry PLN 10–16
Venue's website
Length 93 min
Director Viktor Kossakovsky
Links IMDB
Release 2020

Screening of the film “Gunda” and discussion in Polish.

The titular pig Gunda lives on a farm and has just become the mother of a bunch of piglets. Kosakowski’s camera closely observes the first weeks of their life: clumsy climbing up the mother’s powerful body to reach the nipple full of milk; pushing at breakfast and joyful wallowing in mud. The camera works at animal eye level, so we too take the perspective of the piglets and their mother, and in time the cows and hens that Kosakowski also films. A one-legged cockerel looking longingly over the farmyard fence, a piglet-pie who always stays behind, a cow sniffing the leaves of a young birch tree – each of the creatures shown here has its own character and temperament, its own fascinating story. Beautifully filmed in black and white, Gunda is an intimate encounter with the creatures that live alongside us.

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