Grzegorz Klimek: Interferencje

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The title of the exhibition results from the combination of elements forming the concept of painting according to Grzegorz Klimek. These include: concept, technique, self-reflection and image perception. These elements interact internally, permeate each other, overlap like waves, thus accumulating more and more energy, to finally find their reflection on the canvas. Interference is, in free translation (Latin: inter + ferre) a combination of the words: between and carry. The painting by Grzegorz Klimek takes one to the worlds composed of unobvious emotions, associations, colours and shapes. This is probably due to a specific method of painting, a process that this artist calls Interference. Interference here refers to the whole, multi-stage process of creating a painting.

The pictures by Grzegorz Klimek reflect a constant search for the basic structures of various things that surround us. Klimek uses a number of various media to paint his pictures, which – when mixed, scratched and repainted – give original structural effects. The paintings often consist of several layers closed in a coherent composition. Another interesting fact is that the artist himself makes the paints with which he paints.

Past events

Warszawa, Station of Art Gallery thu 26/8/2021 17:00 Opening: Interferencje

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