Gob Squad: Show Me a Good Time

Address Stresemannstr. 29, Berlin
Event website www.hebbel-am-ufer.de…
Venue's website www.hebbel-am-ufer.de
Length 180 min
Director Gob Squad
Language English friendly

All we have left is now. The past has passed and the future looks more uncertain than ever. Back in June, in the middle of Berlin’s cultural lockdown, when all the theatres were closed, Gob Squad presented Show Me A Good Time as an ambitious 12 hour live stream. From the empty stage of HAU 1, a single performer reached out to audiences across the world, whilst others explored the streets of Berlin and Sheffield, or shared intimate secrets from their homes.

The world is changing fast, and there is no going back to the way things were. What will remain and what will change as history marches relentlessly onwards? As we retreat into our social bubbles, how can we connect to strangers? And where are the good times in the new normal? On a stage? On the streets? At home on the sofa?

Now, for the second cultural lockdown in November, it seems the perfect moment to show Show Me A Good Time again as a live stream on HAU4, this time transformed into a series of three hour episodes. As time-travelling researchers, Gob Squad once again try to uncover the layers of a reality that has become alien to us, in order to find out how we can carry on. Join them online on their journey through time.

For over 25 years, Gob Squad have been blurring the boundaries of art, theatre and real life. Sometimes they perform on the streets or in other public non-theatre locations. Sometimes they use cameras to bring the urban jungle, with all its danger, beauty and messiness, into the comfort of a theatre. Often they do both simultaneously.



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