GANsta Paradise Workshop I-III

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Venue Online v tvojej obývačke
Address Slovenská republika
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Within the past years intense evolution of researches in the deep learning area among the other methods came up with generative adversarial networks or GAN as novel and obscure machine learning technique. Since nowadays, AI driven methods became an essential part of artistic expression in digital art, the popularity of GAN both in science and art grew up with the slope even sharper than COVID contagion.
The introduction of the GAN algorithms blended the waterfront between reality and the synthetic datas. Besides it also rose up the question if the machine can be more creative than human.
While the wild jungle’s paradise of early GAN artistic experiments was recently deforestrated with introduction of commercially available filters there is still room for exploration of creative expression of Generative Adversarial Networks and GANtrification of the art.
The workshop will focus on the exploitation of aesthetic approaches of GAN methods. We will re-appropriate deep learning scientific research as an artistic tool for generative digital art. Our aim is to investigate human vs machine contests. And to speak with the machine we will use the Python programming language.

Georgy Bagdasarov: Born into an Armenian family under a hail of rockets taking flight from Kazakhstan, Bagdasarov’s works retain influences of structural film, cooking recipes, and code syntaxis. Based in Prague since 2005 he has been teaching here and there at places like FAMU (Prague), UdK (Berlin), UNA Multimedia (Buenos Aires), etc.

Requirements: At least some coding knowledge or experience. Basic Python experience is more than welcomed.

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