Francisco Arcángel Ramos

Francisco Ramos is a dominant trope Arcángel in the current flamenkovém events not only in Spain, because today is already universal language are able to enchant the listeners around the world. Arcángel, who became a finalist in the 2001 Latin Grammy, is a perpetual seeker of moving between two basic poles: respect for flamenkovému heritage zakotvenému the centuries in his native Andalusia and exploring new paths and connections, showing a flamenco in new, unexpected lighting. His broad interpretive range, so moving from cooperation with composers of contemporary classical music (Mauricio Sotelo), with early music ensembles, (Accademia del Piacere), to the projects, which are a celebration of the traditional arts, flamenkové (Zambra 5.1).

Arcángel was imbued from childhood with flamenkovým singing but only his performance on the famous Bienal de Arte Flamenco in 1998 became a real sensation, which opened the possibilities of cooperation with the largest flamenkovými performers. Won here as a singer of the highest award the "Giraldillo mejor cantaor jóven" and its partners on the stage soon become flamenkové stars Cristina Hoyos, Vicente Amigo, Eva la Yerbabuena, Javier Barón, and many others. The first cd "Arcángel" won a Latin Grammy nomination and this was followed by a number of other, equally successful albums: "La calle perdía" (2004), "Ropavieja" (2007) and "Quijote de los Sueños" (2011). Arcángelovo art hledačství and the courage to risk is also confirmed by his recently released cd "Las idas y las vueltas", which is essentially a dialogue between Baroque and flamenkovým the music world, revealing along the roots in colonial Hispanic culture. Cooperation with gambistou Fahmi Alquaiem, and its collection of the Accademia del Piacere resulted in a successful project, which without exaggeration can be described as one of the important milestones in the development of contemporary flamenco. Introduced in 2013, along with Arcángel New bulgarian voices project "Estruna", in which the interwoven Balkan musical sensibility with authentic flamenkem.


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