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We are ready for venues with their own cashdesk and seating plans, no matter how complex they are.

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Setting up your own cashdesk

Would you like to sell tickets right at the gate? Do you have your own cash desk? We are ready to adjust our system to work in sync with yours. The sale at your desk will be fully synchronized with the online sale, making it easy to check the number of tickets sold within the same interface. It is even possible to sell tickets at the desk and check them a few meters away at the gate.

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Seating sale

Does your venue have seating? We can create a customized plan to link each ticket with a specific seat. The system allows you to divide seats into multiple categories, sort them by price, or block them out. You can also edit the seating plan if necessary.

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Often, institutions that employ seating sales search for a subscription option for their customers. The GoOut system allows this — you can adjust your subscription options according to the type of venue. You can sell subscription options at the desk or online.

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