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Customized presale waves

If you are organizing large-scale events (music festivals, conventions, etc.), you might be used to releasing early bird tickets in advance. With GoOut, you can set up presale waves and organize them as you wish. You can set a range of prices, pick how the presale waves work (they might end when the cheaper tickets sell out or on a specific date), how many there will be, and customize any further details you want.

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Accreditations are, in essence, an advanced version of guestlists, tailor-made for big festivals and other large-scale events. This feature allows you to create a custom guestlist and forward it to any third party you like (partners, sponsors, media houses, etc.) to fill it in. All guest names will appear in the GoOut system, but you do not need to put them in yourselves.

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Scanning at venue

Apart from making the tickets easy to buy, we also provide a quick and reliable check-in option at the gate. The GoOut Scanner app (available on iOS) and Android) can turn your smartphone or tablet into an instant scanning device. We can also supply you with professional scanners and a crew to operate them. We have experience with smaller indie events as well as huge festivals. We can combine several types of tickets — one day, weekend, VIP, etc. You will always see the exact number of tickets sold in your scanner and on our website. The GoOut system can also locate customers who lost or forgot to bring their tickets and even check-in tickets from other providers.

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