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GoOut is the place where people begin their quest for cultural experiences.
Our goal is to let them know about your event, provide tickets, and bring them in.

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Your events will be seen

Your events will be seen

GoOut welcomes more than 55 000 daily visitors. Around 5 000 of them will buy a ticket each day. On social media, we are followed by over 100 000 people and are constantly growing as we work tirelessly on expanding our community.

GoOut is not like the other ticketing services you'll come across. Besides selling tickets, we are a bona fide cultural guide, providing customers with a complex network of inspiration, and function as a reliable compass on the cultural map of each city. The GoOut guide is available via website or app (for both iOS and Android).

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Easy management of sales

Easy management of sales

Our system is designed to be quick and intuitive. Do you need to check the number of tickets sold? Change the price or capacity settings? Download sales reports? Or even adjust the design of your ticket? Everything can be done within seconds.

You're never further than a few clicks away. We value your time. No matter where you are, you can manage your event on the fly.

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Our partners

Editing user roles

In each organization, different members will have different roles – be it an administrator, a cashier, an accountant, et cetera. Our system reflects this and can issue specific rights to every user.

You can individually add or remove specific rights to each user in the administration interface. Examples may include insights to sales details, transactions, invoices, ticketing management, setting specific ticket categories, advanced settings, marketing tools, and access to the history of changes.

Quick export of data

GoOut is able to provide professional data reports in various types and formats according to the needs of the promoter. The system has tools developed specifically to filter data and can tackle issues like sales statistics, attendance, or desk reports.

Reports can be downloaded either manually or via automated standardized API tools. We are also able to integrate into various accounting and statistical softwares.

Integration of the purchase form

People like to get tickets in various ways – some prefer to get them via GoOut and some will head to your website or Facebook. We are able to fully adapt to your preferred method and integrate the purchase form wherever it is necessary.

We are also able to adjust the purchase form so that it would correspond with your website, both in design and functionality.


An important part of a good ticketing system is the option to add various discount options, typically for students, senior citizens, or your most loyal customers.

GoOut is very flexible when it comes to discounts. You can adjust the price by a fixed amount, or by percentage. You can also provide it to customers via promo codes and coupons.

Customization of tickets

You can customize the tickets to your event according to your own needs. If you want to put your logo or your partners' logos on them, you can also edit the graphics, text, or other info that is important for your customers.

Different payment methods

Customers can pay for their tickets via several payment methods. They can pay online by card or bank transfer, by Twisto, by Apple Pay, by Google Pay, by invoice, or right in the shop (by card or in cash).

Reaching your own customers

From time to time, promoters need to contact all their customers at once. This can be easily done via GoOut’s system – all you need is to send a single message. This way, you can instantly inform everyone about important changes or cancellations to your events.

GoOut also allows you to reach your own customers easily for marketing and promotional purposes. As a promoter, you can gain access to contacts to and personal info about customers who have agreed to it while purchasing a ticket. Of course, everything is in full accord with GDPR.

Marketing support options

As a primarily web- and app-based service, GoOut is always up to date with the latest trends in online marketing. The data we gather help us understand our customers better, and we are ready to share the details with you.

The GoOut system allows you to create your own scripts for conversion and re-marketing. The analytic dashboards of customers are also a great tool, showing you where they come from, their demographic info, etc. Furthermore, your event will of course be listed in GoOut's cultural guide, accessible via both web and app, and on our media partners' websites as well. This will let tens of thousands of people see your event daily.

Online guestlist

Forget mountains of paperwork and endless guestlists. The GoOut system has its own 'Guest' category to put your guests’ names in. Each of your guests will afterwards receive a free electronic ticket that can be scanned at the doors, the same way any other GoOut ticket can.

Limited pre-sale

We have launched an option to organize password protected pre-sales. The purchase form will still look the same, but to access the actual tickets, each customer must enter a valid password. This option is suitable for early bird tickets, giveaways, limited pre-sales for fanclub members, etc.

Sectors and time slots

It is now possible to divide the total number of customers into selected spaces (sectors) and time slots. Each ticket may be linked to a specific sector or time slot. This creates more opportunities for promoters in museums, galleries, theatres, or large events.

Tickets for online events

With streaming quickly becoming a popular choice for event promoters, we have added an option to sell tickets for online events. Each promoter may place their streams and videos behind paywall, like any other “offline” event. It doesn’t matter whether you use YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform - we can integrate almost any video into the GoOut system. Customers can find these events under the new Online events section.

Your own ticket desk

Your own ticket desk

Would you like to sell tickets right at the gate? Do you have your own shop? We are ready to adjust our system to work in sync with your own ticket desk.

In addition to setting the system, we can provide you with a portable printer (along with everything necessary) and set up your ticket desk in an afternoon. From then on, it takes just three clicks to give out a ticket. Any payment method is possible, including your own bonus programs, or even food stamps.

The sale at your tickets desk will be fully synchronized with the online sale, so that you can easily check the number of tickets sold in one setting. It is even possible to sell tickets at the desk and check them in a few meters away at the gate.

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Top customer and partner service

Top customer and partner service

We approach each customer individually to provide them with as much support as they need. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We are ready to manage every detail of the ticketing service so that you have more time to prepare your event.

You can also contact our support line at any time. They will help you navigate the GoOut system and set everything up smoothly. Just call +420 222 70 30 70, or contact us via e-mail.

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Seating sale

Seating sale

If you need to sell tickets for specific seats, we are able to create a seating plan according to your venue, free of charge. The system allows you to divide seats into various categories, sorted by price, and block specific seats. You can also edit the seating plan, if necessary.

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Some customers are used to making a reservation for a specific seat and paying for the ticket later. The GoOut system allows this – it is possible to pay for reserved seats later at the desk, in the shop, or online.

You can adjust the reservation settings as you see fit. The option to reserve seats can be limited; it is possible to allow it for some time and set the deadline in advance. You can also create internal reservations for your own employees, guests, or journalists, which will not be publicly visible. You could also shut the option off completely.


Institutions that employ seating sales often need a subscription option for their customers. The GoOut system allows this – you can adjust your subscription options according to the type of venue. Typically, there will be two basic subscription options – Classic (the institution picks the subscribed events) and Flexi (the customer picks the events). You can sell subscription options at the desk or online.

Quick printing of tickets

As a promoter, you must know how tedious it is to deal with delay complications at the ticket desk. That's why we designed our ticket desks to print tickets quickly and reliably.

The GoOut tickets are printed on a material suited for thermal printers; everything is compact, quick and easy to maintain. We use the thermal printing method, so you'll never need to change the toner.

Scanning tickets made easy

Scanning tickets made easy

Apart from making the tickets easy to buy, we also provide a quick and reliable check in option right at the gate. The GoOut scanner app (available on iOS and Android) can turn your smartphone or tablet into an instant scanning device. We can also supply you with professional scanners, along with the crew to operate them.

We have experience with smaller indie events as well as huge festivals. We can combine several types of tickets – for one day, for the whole weekend, VIP, etc. You will always see the exact number of tickets sold in your scanner and on our website. The system can also locate customers who lost or forgot to bring their tickets, and even check in tickets from other providers.

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Some customers might be interested in buying tickets without knowing the exact date or specific event they want to attend. In this case, they can buy vouchers! Serving as ‘universal tickets’, they allow the customers to prepay for a ticket of a specific value, which can then be redeemed at any of your events, both online and at the desk. Vouchers are great for birthday or Christmas gifts, etc.

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Ticket shops

Ticket shops

GoOut also enables customers to buy paper tickets in our shops, which are located in larger cities at easily accessible addresses.

Another option to pay for tickets in cash is to go to any Sazka shop. This option is especially suitable for residents of smaller towns and villages who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to pay online.

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Individually adjusted technical settings

We designed the GoOut system so that it would fit the needs of every promoter. We develop the system in-house, which allows us to quickly react to any changes on the market and to the specific needs of promoters. Don't hesitate to ask us anything – we will be glad to help!


The GoOut system is operating accordingly with the new GDPR rule. In accordance with this rule, we are capable of providing promoters their customers' contacts that are necessary for the event to run smoothly, as well as for further marketing and promotional purposes.

Electronic registration of sales

You need not worry about the possibility of the Electronic Registration of Sales (EET) coming into effect. The system is ready for this option. Every sale is perfectly legal under Czech law.

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