Festivals & Fairs

We recognize that different promoters have different needs, and the GoOut system reflects this. If you organize a festival or a fair, you're in the right place.

Functions you will appreciate

Scanning tickets made easy

Apart from making the tickets easy to buy, we also provide a quick and reliable check in option right at the gate. For this purpose, we have developed our GoOut scanner app that can turn your smartphone or tablet into an instant scanning device.

Your own ticket desk

Would you like to sell tickets right at the gate? Do you have your own shop? We are ready to adjust the system so that it would work in sync with your own ticket desk.

Quick printing of tickets

As a promoter, you must know how tedious it is to deal with delay complications at the ticket desk. That's why we designed our ticket desks to print tickets quickly and reliably.

Individually adjusted technical settings

We designed the GoOut system so that it would fit the needs of every promoter. Our main advantage is that we develop the system in-house, which allows us to quickly react to any changes on the market and to the specific needs of promoters.

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