We recognize that different promoters have different needs, and the GoOut system reflects this. If you organize conferences, workshops or similar events, you're in the right place.

Functions you will appreciate

Your events will be seen

GoOut welcomes more than 55 000 daily visitors. Around 5 000 of them will buy a ticket each day. On social media, we are followed by over 100 000 people and are constantly growing as we work tirelessly on expanding our community.

Reaching your own customers

From time to time, promoters need to contact all their customers at once. This can be easily done via GoOut’s system – all you need is to send a single message. This way, you can instantly inform everyone about important changes or cancellations to your events.

Integration of the purchase form

People like to get tickets in various ways – some prefer to get them via GoOut and some will head to your website or Facebook. We are able to fully adapt to your preferred method and integrate the purchase form wherever it is necessary.

Individually adjusted technical settings

We designed the GoOut system so that it would fit the needs of every promoter. We develop the system in-house, which allows us to quickly react to any changes on the market and to the specific needs of promoters.

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